About Us

GoodChat is designing and building voice conversations for people.

Janet is the driver behind GoodChat and rather than hiring full time staff, GoodChat engages top developers, story tellers, linguists and voice user interface (VUI) designers depending on project or product needs. Starting with design thinking, GoodChat work to understand what makes an engaging 'good chat' between your brand and customer and know how to translate that to voice and chatbot conversations. 

We understand and continue to educate ourselves on the ethical, creative and technical aspects of designing high quality voice or chatbot conversations.

Knowing how to design and build a simpleuseful, short but engaging conversation is what we're about.

It’s GoodChat


Work with us

We work with people who think creatively about technology. We engage developers who understand the design decisions and design thinking that goes into making a quality skill or action.

If you have a creative or scientific background (psychologists, linguists, philosophers) and no technical skills, we'd still love to talk to you. We're also looking for research collaborations in this space. 

We are constantly up-skilling as this industry changes shape. It's an exciting time to have highly skilled people from different industries and backgrounds working together to make creative and impactful GoodChat.


A note from Janet

GoodChat was born out of a need to think a bit harder about what we're designing as tech product people.

Voice & chatbot conversations can influence our behaviours, how we interact & the future of our workforce. This can be an exciting opportunity - if we design it right. 

A new generation is growing up with a voice device that's part of the family. A voice device who answers a child's first question as they develop their language and helps that child learn their times tables. A device and brand which is building powerful, trusting connections within a family home. 

My goal in founding GoodChat is to design a future for voice conversations centred around how people want to converse and live. Where voice conversations are simple and useful, enabling us to do more with our time. We are in a unique position to design the future we want to live in.

Designing voice starts with us. Let's keep it real.